Airwell Pumps

Airwell Pumps Water Bore Example Airwell's unique low flow, high grit tolerant features and its ability to operate remote from power, can turn a non-producing bore into a reliable water supply.

Incorporating float valves on all tanks and troughs will automate the Airwell System. When all tanks are full the system will shut down until water levels drop then automatically restart. This 'on demand' feature is built into every Airwell pumping system and helps to run your pumping systems at its most efficient by not pumping when there is nothing to pump or when your tanks are full.

Airwell have a range of pumping options for water bore situations.

For more information on Airwells Agricultural pumping solutions see the Airwell Agricultural brochure

Bottom Filling Bore Pumps

The standard bottom filling bore pump is suited for applications in mining, industrial, environmental and agricultural applications. Made from 316 stainless, like most of the Airwell products, the bottom filling pumps come in sizes ranging from 50 mm (2") through to 205 mm (8") diameter. These types of pumps are typically used for bore sampling, leachate recovery, water supply.

Top Filling Bore Pumps

The top filling bore pumps are designed for handling applications such as water harvesting or pollution recovery. The top filling pumps design is built on the same principals as the bottom filling pump but designed to fill from the top. Sizes range from 1.75" through to 3.5" as with all of the Airwell pumps they can design and manufacture custom sizes depending on your specific application.