More recent projects by Dril-Air

Des Garvin with City of Greater Geraldton Council WorkersCity of Greater Geraldton
25 shallow bores were constructed to harvest a thin lens of fresh water off the top of high salinity water, using a cycle controlled Airwell Pump system to extract from 500 – 800 litres per hour from each bore. The cycle rate is set on salinity monitoring. The water is used for the Geraldton City Foreshore Area.

Geraldton Marine Aquaculture Research Facility
Drilled a large volume recharge bore to dispose of 50 litres per second of sea water.

West Three Springs
90 meter bore hole drilled for running an Aquaculture farm, pumped at 15 litres per second fresh water.

Geraldton Marine Aquaculture Research Faclity Pumping StationWest Mingenew
Bore drilled for stock and crop spraying for farm use. 108 meter bore hole drilled, fresh water pumped at 5 litres per second.

City of Geraldton
Through a consultant, 22 recharge/monitoring bores drilled for future extraction of fresh water for irrigation projects in the Geraldton area.

Wago Chalets / Holiday Resourt
Successful bore drilled to 75 meters for complete water supply needs.

Earlier projects by Dril-Air

Des Garvin and Tom from Airwell at the Mingenew ExpoWestern Power Fly Ash Disposal Site
4x254mm diameter production bores and 21 monitoring bores. Each production bore had 18m of stainless steel screens and delivered 45 litres per second.

Carabooda Turf Farm
2x254mm, 1x203mm production bores to 60 meters depth to supply turf farm pumped at 32 litres per second.

Atlantis Marine Park Yanchep
Drilled 305mm hole to install 203mm fibreglass casing with stainless steel screens, pumped at 80 litres per second of sea water to supply the main marine tank.

MWA (Department of Water)
An experimental multi-port monitoring system was setup on the Melville foreshore.

Alcoa Top of the Mud Lake
Monitoring bores, explaining drilling methodology to hydrology students.

Media resources

Des Garvin and Tom from Airwell at the Mingenew ExpoMid-West Times - (Diviner finds water) | Mid-West Times 14 July
Barrel Well Aboriginal Community at Ajana.
Sometimes even the latest technology is no match for good old fassioned know-how and intuition.

Mid-West Times - Burringurrah Aboriginal Community | Mid-West Times 16 June
This was proving a difficult area to obtain potable water. Through site selection we obtained a good potable supply of water for the community.

Des Garvin and Tom from Airwell at the Mingenew ExpoFarm Weekly (Air pump saves the dollars) | Farm Weekly 25 September
Airwell Pumps Geraldton agent Des Garvin, and company salesman Tom Sedgwick explain the direct air injection pumping system to Yuna farmer Greg Creasy at last weeks Mingenew Lions Midwest Expo.

Melville Times (Foreshore Drilling) | Melville Times
Multiport monitoring bores for MWA on Melville Foreshore with water sampling as a pre-lude to the possibility of deep sewerage and associated facilities being built in the area.