Professional personalised service in the mid-west region
backed by 40+ years of drilling experience.

Using air & a hammer to break up hard rock and lift to the surface.
Required when the bore volume reduces due to mineral encrustation or biofouling of the screens.
Using a mud mixture in a pit to bring smaller sands to the surface.
Using a submersable or above ground pump to test the water flow & draw-down of an water bore.


Monitoring Bores
Earthing Holes



A brief history

Drilling for the last 40+ years and for the past 30+ years we have operated out of Geraldton and specialise drilling in the Mid-West region.

This area incorporates Northampton, Kalbarri, Binnu, Chapman Valley, Eradu, Mullewa, Irwin, Mingenew, Dongara, Eneabba and surrounding areas.

From time to time we do also drill as far south as the northern side of Perth from Wanneroo in the west to the hills in the east (Bullsbrook & Toodyay). We can also head north in Western Australia towards Carnarvon and the surrounding areas. Some mobilisation costs will apply for long distance plant movements.

We have been owner operators since 1977, drilling from Donnybrook in the South to Derby in the North. Dealing with the owner/operator of Dril-Air, you will receive professional personalised service backed by 40+ years of drilling experience.

We have worked for

  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Industrial & Commercial Businesses
  • Farm businesses including Viticulture, Orchards & Livestock
  • Residential Owners

Doing the job right

Unlike some waterbore drillers, at Dril-Air, we spend the time to develop your bore properly to maximise the water flow. This is one of the most important steps in the bore construction process.

Once back filled we pulse the water and air down the hole at various levels and we are able to break up the drilling mud/foam used in the bore drilling process.

This allows the water to start to flow through fractures below ground and offer the maximum supply possible.

Key Facts:

  • Drill Depth maximum 150 meters
  • Bore hole diameter / size between 4 and up to 10 inches
  • Drilling Rig Compressor 850 CFM @ 350 PSI

Drilling Methods

  • Air Hammer
  • Mud Rotary Drilling

Drilling Services

  • Water Bores Commercial/Rural/Domestic
  • Bore Redevelopment
  • Test Pumping
  • Monitoring Bores
  • Earthing Holes

To the surprise of some who chose to use expensive technology studies to try and find key locations for water bores, Des is able to water divine by walking over ground holding a single metal rod. Once it turns, this indicates a possible fracture or change in ground structure and over his extensive drilling career has had a very high success rate of finding water using this traditional method.

Mid-West Times News Article – Sometimes even the latest technology is no match for good old fashioned know-how and intuition.

No matter what anybody says, there is no way to know whats under the ground until you actually drill the bore, but even with these simple tools Des can estimate the depth the bore (based on his extensive drilling knowledge) and using other methods he has honed over time.

Des is then able select the best location of key targets during the drilling process, he can also work out where a stream has narrowed or area of interest underground that should be investigated.

Samples of bore flows in the Mid-West & surrounding regions.